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  Releasing Raven

Braden Security Book Four

                                                                                     STORY EXCERPT

     Their jog was a repeat of the day before, but they made it all the way around the park and through a back street before he stopped at a bench just outside the park entrance. 

     Raven was laughing and holding her hair out of her face. “God I loved that.”

     Brad sat down on the bench and pulled her chair right in front of him. “I loved it, too.” 

     Raven looked around the park. “I used to love it here. Especially the Fourth of July, we would pack a large picnic and spend the day in the park. They always had rides and fireworks. I miss not coming to the celebrations.”

     "Why don’t you still come? It’s not the far from your house.” 

     "It’s not the same when you’re alone.” Raven turned her head down, looking depressed. 

     Brad reached out and took her chin and raised it. “This year you won’t be alone. We’ll go together, but you have to make the picnic.” 

     Raven looked back at him. “But that’s not until next month. Maybe we won’t be seeing each other by then.”

     “Are you saying that you’re going to get tired of me?” Brad joked at her. 

     Raven lifted one of her hands and put it over his, holding her chin. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of you.” She blushed again at her words and moved her chin and hand away from his. She hadn’t really meant to put it out like that. She didn’t want him to feel obliged to stay with her. 

     “Good.” Brad got up. Taking the handles of the chair, he started walking toward their homes. “I don’t think I will get tired of you either.” 

     Raven held her breath as she listened to Brad’s words. Letting out a long sigh, she hoped that he meant what he had said. She was starting to more than like Brad. She didn’t know what he saw in her, but she was glad that he did. He was a glorious man with too long hair and a very sharp wit, and she wouldn’t change anything. She couldn’t ask for more. 

     Arriving back at her house, she couldn’t help sniffing him as he leaned close to untie the rope. He smelled of sweat and man, she wished she could bottle it up and keep it with her for when he wasn’t around. 

     Brad hesitated as he stood wrapping the rope around his hand in front of her. “Are you going to physio now?”

     “In a couple of hours. I have to clean up and call for the wheel trans bus.” Raven started moving her chair back to go into her house. 

     Brad reached out and grabbed the chair, stopping her from moving forward. “Why don’t you let me take you today?” 

     "Oh, you would probably be bored. I have an hour of stretching, then they put me into the pool
and try getting my legs to work.” 

     “Do you go to the gym at John Street? I’ve noticed it and it has a clinic attached to it. I’ve been thinking of joining it.” 

     “Yes, that’s the one, but you already jog. I don’t really think you need to join a gym. You seem in great shape.” 

     “Well thanks for noticing, but that’s how I stay in shape outside of my job. If I took you today, I could fill out the papers while you’re in your session. Maybe we can start going together every week, if I’m off.” Brad would
make sure he was always off to take her, he was sure that James and the guys would allow him to work around her schedule.

     “Really, that would be great. I hate going alone. But the doctor said I need this.” 

     Brad let go of her chair and she turned it completely around and said over her shoulder, as she wheeled toward her house, “I’ll be ready whenever you are.” 

     Brad watched her go up the ramp and into her house, then turned and walked over to his. He thought again about the girls telling him he would need a ramp, as he walked up the steps and into his house. But if things progressed the way he wanted, they would only need one house. Maybe he was being overly confident, but he knew that Raven was someone special. He would never let on to the guys, but he was envious and admittedly a little jealous of what they all had with their wives. He had seen so much change and it had happened so quickly, after each man had found his soul mate, as Angel liked to call each of their wives. Brad knew they were lucky
bastards. And he wanted to be one, too, now he knew what they were talking about. He knew Raven was going to be his, he just had to bide his time and convince the very independent woman of it.

     Shaking his head, he put his house keys on the hall table and whistled as he walked into his bedroom, into the connecting bathroom and shower, throwing his clothes off as he went. 


                                                   ADULT EXCERPT


     Suddenly Raven felt herself being lifted off the couch, with Brad still kissing her. She
just held tighter to him as she felt him walking them both down a hallway and into a room. Next, she felt a soft bed on her back and Brad covering her from head to toe with his body. She loved the feel of his hard muscles pushing her into the bed. When Raven felt him starting to raise off her, she grabbed his shirt back and pushed him back down. He got her message and snuggled back down to her, their kisses getting evenhotter if that was possible. Finally, both gasping for breath, their lips parted, and Raven looked into eyes that look like warm chocolate. She only got a minute to look as he put his lip back down, but this timehe kissed her neck. Raven gasped as she felt a little bite then a warm tongue came out and smoothed the sting. 

     Brad lifted the top of his body a bit off of her, and she could feel his hand moving to the buttons on her blouse. As the buttons came undone, he raised himself more, so finally when the last button was undone, she could feel his hard length pushing down on her mound. Raising her head, she watched as he parted the blouse and ran one of his hand down her middle from her throat to the top of her jeans. She watched his hand intently, as it moved along her skin. He moved slowly, like he was trying to savor her skin through his hands. 

     Finally, he raised his eyes off his hand and looked at her. “You’re beautiful,” he told her as he undid the front clasp of her bra. Raven watched as he looked back down and pushed the two halves of her bra apart and her breasts came into view. He took his hand and gentle cupped the right one, letting his fingers move over the nipple. Raven gasped at the intense feeling building inside of her that she felt from his touch. Then she felt a wet
mouth engulf her breast with a hard suck, this time she moaned, raising one of her hands, and she ran it through his hair and grabbed the back of his neck to encourage him to keep going.

     Brad didn’t need encouragement, as he just raised his head enough to take the other breast into his mouth. He could smell and taste her flowery perfume on her skin. He knew he would never forget this smell for the rest of his life. Brad felt Raven raise her hips and grind her mound into his cock.
     He was so hard, that her heat pressing into him almost got him off. Not wanting to embarrass himself, he let her breast pop out of his mouth and he raised himself more on his arms, dislodging her hold on his neck. When she tried to reach out to grab him back, he took her hands and put them over her head, holding her still for a moment. He heard her whimper at not being allowed to touch him, so he leaned down and gave her a
quick kiss on the lips.

     “I just want to get this clothes off you so I can feel your whole body, baby. Just let me move for a minute and then it will be even better, when there are no clothes between us.” Raven let go of Brad and he slipped off the bed.
     Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, he raised it over his head and took it off. Next he toed off his sneakers and undid the button on his jeans, but didn’t take them off. Bending down, he untied Raven sneakers and took her shoes and socks off. Putting his knee on the bed next to her, he reached out and undid her jeans and slowly slid them down her legs. 

     Throwing her jeans on the floor, he crawled back on top of Raven on his hands and knees and gave her another kiss and helped her take her blouse and bra off. Lowering down onto his elbows, Brad felt her soft skin on his chest. Tangling his hands in Raven hair, Brad cupped her head in his hands and brought a scorching kiss to her lips.

     Raven met his every movement with his tongue with one of her own and just as hot. Brad thought he would go up in flames. He was having a hard time controlling his urge to just rip her panties off and bury himself in her heat, as far as he could go. Brad felt a small hand work its way between them and then a tight grasp on his cock. He almost exploded from that one touch.
     Knowing he couldn’t take the time to love her the way he wanted for this first time, he pushed himself up and away from her lips and rose on his knees. Taking the top of her panties, in hand, he moved back on the bed toward the edge, taking them down her legs as he moved. Reaching the end of the bed, he stood and almost caught his cock on the zipper of his pants, he wanted them off so fast. Finally hopping on one foot, he got them off and leaned down and put his hand on her ankles. 

     Brad moved her legs apart, so he could see her pink womanhood covered with fine hair and glistening, in the light from the small lamp in the bedroom. Brad had never wanted a woman as much as he did at that moment.     

     His cock stood straight out from his groin and pointed, seemingly trying to seeking her warmth. Brad looked further up Raven’s body, past the taut nipples, into the blue eyes starting back at him, smoldering with fire in them.
     Brad stared into her eyes as he moved her legs further apart, making room for himself as he crawled until his cock was touching her heat. Leaning down over her, he put one hand on the bed near her head and with
the other he took hold of his cock and swiped it up and down her slit.
     Finally he couldn’t stand the feel of her on just the head of his cock, so he lowered himself until he was at her entrance and nudged the opening, just letting the head inside. 

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Word Count: 62,228
Heat Level:
Published By:
Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA

Brad is the cool unshakeable member of Braden Security. Being a sniper, he doesn’t allow anything or anyone to unnerve him. That is until he rescues Raven off the floor, where she has fallen wheelchair and all.  Brad’s connection to Raven is swift and his instinct to protect and claim come to the forefront immediately. Thrown for a loop, he sets out to make this very cautious woman part of his life.  

Raven is a very solitary woman, who is very leery of Brad’s interest. Raven’s brother has always reminded her that her disability only attracts vultures. Brad is determined to make Raven trust him.

When Brad is accused of trafficking drugs to kids, that trust is tested.  All the men of Braden Security band together to prove Brad’s innocence, clear the firm's name and show Raven that some men can be trusted.

A Siren Erotic Romance