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                                                                                     STORY EXCERPT

Spotting Angel still leaning on the bell, she tore into him. “What is your problem? Can you be civil enough to ring the doorbell properly? I was in my room changing and that incessant ring just about drove me nuts as I scrambled to get dressed. Well, come on in and tell me why you are so much in a hurry to see me. We just talked this morning and I thought we were going to see each other later at the club? I don’t know why you couldn’t wait until then.” Angel stepped into the front hallway as she backed away from the door, allowing him to enter. 

“I came to find out what the problem is between Lance and yourself. Why did you leave the club so abruptly? I saw you tear out of the parking lot earlier,” Angel told her as he reached out and closed the door. 

“You have to be crazy. After you left this morning, I got ready and all I have done today is go grocery shopping. I haven’t made it to the club yet. I never saw Lance let alone talk to him. Why are you making up stories? Oh, and by the way, that Brad is a nice guy. He was here when I got back from shopping and helped me bring in my groceries.” Cinnamon looked up at him
with disbelief in her voice.

“You let Brad help you in the house with your groceries? Do you always let strange men help you?” Angel asked in a gruff voice. 

“Oh, you don’t give me any credit. He flashed his badge from Braden Security, so I know he must be a friend of yours. I also don’t think the men that work with you would be any danger to me. He was just nice and told me he was keeping a watch out for the guy from the parking lot last night. Now you answer some questions. Why was Brad watching over me? You just left a couple of hours ago. I don’t think the guy would come here in broad daylight. And I couldn’t have gotten into too much trouble in the few hours that have passed.” 

Angel took her by her elbow and led her away from the door and to the couch in the living room making her sit down beside him. He was starting to worry more now that he had heard her answer. She wasn’t joking. She believed what she was telling him. “More than a couple of hours have passed since I saw you this morning. It’s almost six o’clock at night. I left at ten this
morning and I did see you speed out of the club parking lot just after lunch. You looked pissed with what I could glimpse as you sped past me. Lance told me that you quit the club. What’s going on with you?” Angel tightened his hold on her elbow. 

“Let me up!” Cinnamon tried to shake his grasp off. “It’s not six o’clock, it’s just after lunch. I haven’t made it to the club yet.” Getting up she went into the kitchen and looked at the wall clock. It said ten to six.

Gasping, she turned to Angel, who had followed behind her. “It can’t be right. I just got ready and went shopping for food.” Feeling unsteady, she almost lost her footing. The shock was so great that she had lost hours of the day. Angel grabbed her by her shoulders and led her back to the couch.


Seated on the couch, Angel wrapped her shaking form in his arms. “We’ll figure it out.” 

“What the hell happened? I haven’t had this happen in so long. It can’t happen again. I was cured. I know I was. It was five years ago. Why would it start back up again?” Hugging Angel, she burst into sobs. Angel just held her
close and let her cry. Finally she quieted and pulled back out of his arms. “I need to see Lance right now.” 

Angel wouldn’t let her get up from the couch, just reached over and grabbed a tissue and gently wiped her face. “Let’s just step back for a minute. Maybe we can make sense of this. We’ll call Lance in a minute after you take your breath.” 

Angel kept his voice soft and gentle and asked her in a non-confrontational manner. “Tell me all that you remember?”

“Didn’t you listen? I just told you. After you left I got ready and went grocery shopping, nothing else. I didn’t see Lance or go to the club. Something’s not right with this. Either I’m wrong or you are. Let me call Lance and we’ll get to the bottom of this. I guess I could have lost time at the store. Nothing else makes sense.” Cinnamon was starting to get really
scared at the thought of losing time. 

Angel let her up and she walked to the house phone and called Lance. Cinnamon’s hands shook as she dialed, finally the phone was answered “Lance can you come over right now? Angel’s here talking garbage and I need you to straighten this out. Please don’t ask any questions just get here as fast as you can.”

Putting the phone down, she gave Angel a look and walked into the kitchen. The bottle of Scotch was still on the table that Chase brought last night. Grabbing a glass from one of the cupboards, she grabbed the bottle as she sank into
a kitchen chair and poured herself a stiff shot.

Angel reached out to grab the glass out of her hand, but she was too quick and downed the drink. Coughing with tears running down her face, she looked at Angel standing beside her. “I can’t go back.” Putting the glass down, she
raised both of her hands and covered her face. Oh God. Don’t let it be so.


                                 ADULT EXCERPT


Angel started to run his hand up her legs, just feeling her soft skin. He had never seen such a perfect woman in his life and in such a small package. Angel knew he would have to be careful with her. If he let himself get out of hand, he could hurt her, she was so petite.

Resting his hand on the small line of hair above her mound, he could smell her arousal and feel the heat coming off of her. 

He couldn’t wait to taste her. What stopped him from going further was the feel of her small hand squeezing his cock. At her first touch, he wanted to explode.

She had worked her small hand into his pants and was petting his cock. The feel of her bare hand on him had him reaching out a hand to stop her. He knew this first time together would have to be quick and fast. He didn’t want it to be this way, but he was on his last nerve.

He had never had this overwhelming rushed feeling with a woman before. He just wanted to jump on top and get into her heat as fast as he could. Pulling her hand from out of his pants, Angel stood up from the bed and shoved them and his boxers down his legs. 

Cyn, naked and stretched out on the bed, watched him as he got on his knees on the bed and crawled back to her. She couldn’t wait to finally feel him skin to skin. Laying over her, he gently let his body touch hers. He kept most of his weight on his arms and just gave her enough that she knew he was there. Cyn raised her arms and wrapped them around his broad shoulders, running her nails over the hard skin. 

Angel rose up higher on his arms, dislodging her nails from his back. “Don’t do that. Your touch is going to make me explode and it will be over before I even get started.”

Cyn looked at him and made a little pout “Well, get started. I can’t wait any longer. Just sitting on the couch tonight with you was misery. I wanted to touch you so much. Even if you don’t share your popcorn. I hope you’re not stingy with anything else.” 

Angel just rubbed his cock on the curls nestling her mound. “I am very good at sharing. I just want to make sure you’re ready. I don’t want to hurt you,” he said as he started to make his way down her body, kissing every part of her he could reach. Finally, he got his knees between her legs and brought his hands to her heated core. He wanted a taste. No, he needed a taste.
This woman he knew would be pure ambrosia.

Sliding down off his knees, he made more room for his shoulders between her legs. Opened her up, he just stared at the pink and juicy flesh of his woman. He knew this woman was made just for him, and her scent was better than any perfume he had
ever smelt. Leaning his head down, he gently lapped at her. Her taste exploded on his tongue. Wanting more, he dipped his tongue in her cunt and tried to scoop out all of her goodness. 

Cyn couldn’t process the feelings fast enough as Angel devoured her. She could feel her body rising higher and higher, ready to explode as her legs gripped his head, trying to keep him in place. Angel took his tongue and worried her clit. That was all she needed and she soared off into bliss. He just kept on lapping at her cunt, trying to savor her unique taste and not
let any of it escape.

Cyn felt her legs give out and fall peacefully on the bed beside his head. Looking up, Angel could see that Cyn had her
eyes shut and was wearing a silly grin on her face. He hoped that was her satisfied look. 

He rose up from her core and crawled back up her body, giving her a kiss when he reached her lips. His cock trailed a line of liquid all the way up her stomach. With the touch of her stomach on his leaking cock, he had reached his limit and knew he couldn’t take no more. 

Cyn opened her legs more fully and made him feel welcome as he lowered himself to her core, and his hips met hers. His aim was true and he could feel the heat of her cunt surrounding his cockhead. With small pushes, he gained passage into her heat. She was small and tight, so Angel went as slow as he could. When he reached halfway, Cyn came fully back to her senses as she felt Angel’s cock stretching her. Reaching up with a shaky hand, she pushed his hair out of his face and watched with him as his cock disappeared the final inches into her. Cyn turned her wide green eyes up to his and gave him a devilish smile. “That feels amazing. No—that doesn’t even describe it. Oh, Angel, you are so big, I think I can feel you in my throat.”

Angel just lost it, forging his way even more into her. Hearing her gasp, Angel felt terrible and cursed himself for forgetting how small she was and pulled halfway out and stopped all movement. He didn’t dare move a muscle, and he could feel the sweat starting to bead on his forehead at the exertion it took him to remain still. 

“Don’t stop, Angel. God, I’ve never felt anything so good.” Cyn raised her body to his, engulfing his cock back into her heat. 

Angel, hearing her words, let his control completely go, his hips pounding into her. His cock couldn’t seem to get deep enough into her. His cock, with every stroke, felt like it was wrapped in warm silk. He knew this lady was meant for him. With her at his side he knew he was complete.

Word Count: 60,311
Heat Level:
Published By:
Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Erotic Romantic Suspense, Voyeurism, Bondage, Whipping, HEA

Ahtahkakoop "Angel," a Native American known as "the seer" by his partners and ex-army buddies of Braden Security, is asked by Clay, one of his partners, for a favor. The local private members only club has been having trouble with someone trying to snatch women out of its parking lot. Angel expects a very routine case but it turns out that nothing is routine when he meets Cyn. 

Cinnamon "Cyn" is cool and collected on the surface but is hiding a dark past. When Cyn’s past comes back to haunt her and her secrets are revealed, it becomes a game of mind control between Cyn, the stalker, and Angel. With the help of the rest of the team, they put the pieces together and learn there is more to the predator then just wanting to snatch random women. 

When Cyn disappears, a search ensues that leads to Northern California with their only clue being a garden with special seeds.

  Bound to Cyn

Braden Security Book Two

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